Wallbox chosen in Silicon Valley as one of the best technology companies in the world

Wallbox Press release

14 May 2018

Fenox Venture Capital, the organiser of the Startup World Cup, is a platform seeking to attract the world’s most brilliant minds to solve the greatest challenges on the planet with innovative solutions. Every year the best startups in the world attend the World Cup Grand Finale, an event that took place on 11 May in Silicon Valley.

Wallbox was competing with 27 finalists this year, putting us among the best startups in the world. Enric Asunción, Wallbox CEO, presented our innovative charging solutions for electric vehicles to the competition’s prestigious jury, formed by business sector leaders including Reid Hoffman (Founder of LinkedIn), John Chambers (CEO of Cisco), Marc Randolph (Co-Founder of Netflix), Adam Cheyer (Co-Founder of Siri) and Jav Vijayan (CIO of Tesla).

After the closing ceremony, our CEO stated that “the result in the final was a surprise for us. We are proud to be considered one of the best three companies in the world and to have competed with others that are so innovative. We are satisfied with the result and will continue to work to provide solutions that change the paradigm of the way in which we consume energy”.

Just two years after our establishment, with a presence in more than 25 countries, at Wallbox we have our own technology that allows pluggable electric and hybrid vehicles to be charged up to 8 times more quickly than with a conventional plug. In addition, the compact size of Wallbox (16cm x 16cm) gives us an important point of difference in the market in terms of design and functionality.

Our chargers are controlled by means of an online platform that offers a global vision of the various charging sessions, helps to control energy consumption and allows the charger to be managed remotely, from anywhere in the world.

After the jury’s decision, Enric Asunción told the press that Wallbox’s success was mainly due to the capacity to put innovative ideas into action, and above all, the whole team’s capacity for motivation and dedication.